Indigenous Health & Well-being Initiative

Chantelle Richmond - Publications

Published Refereed Papers (* indicates student)

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Published Contributions to Collective Works and Book Chapters (* indicates student)

Wilson K., Richmond C.A.M, Snyder M (Forthcoming). Indigenous Health. Encyclopaedia of Health, Illness, Behaviour and Society. Wiley-Blackwell.

Richmond C., Wilson, K (2011). “La santé de gens Indigènes,” pages 63-80 dans Santé et Géographie, Nouveaux Regards, 320 pp par Sébastien Fleuret et Anne-Cécile Hoyez

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Invited Contributions

Richmond, C. (2009) Environmental Dispossession and It’s Meaning for the Health of First Nation and Inuit Communities. First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, Health Canada.

Richmond, C. (2006) The Contribution of the Geographer for Understanding Aboriginal health. Institute of Population and Public Health POP News, Issue 11;

Reports Produced for the Government

Richmond C. (2008) Determinants of tangible support among Inuit in the Arctic Regions of Canada. A Technical Report submitted to the Strategic Research and Analysis Directorate (Indian and Northern Affairs Canada).

Richmond C, Ross NA. (2007). Leading Causes of Mortality in the Inuit- Inhabited Areas of Canada: 1994-1998. A Technical Report submitted to the Horizons Program on Aboriginal Issues.