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Julia Emberley

Julia Emberley, PhD, is a professor in the English Department and an affiliate member of the Women's Studies and Feminist Research Department at Western university. Her primary research area is Interdisciplinary Studies in Culture and Society, specifically contemporary Indigenous literatures and the cultures of decolonization. She is the author of four books, Thresholds of Difference: Feminist Critique, Native Women's Writings, Postcolonial Theory, The Cultural Politics of Fur, Defamiliarizing the Aboriginal: Cultural Practices and Decolonization in Canada, and the forthcoming Unsettling Testimony: Indigenous Storytelling, Knowledge, and Reparative Practices. She received the Graham and Gale Wright Faculty of Arts Award for Excellence in Scholarship (2009-10). - Graduate students working on Indigenous literatures for which I am/was the chief supervisor: Lee Yee Gamble, PhD candidate, Department of English, and Dr. Alison Hargreaves (Department of English, Western University graduate 2010, currently Assistant Professor, North American Indigenous Literatures, Department of Critical Studies, University of British Columbia, Okanagan). Publications